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Drop us a line if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to provide us with your feedback. You can access our phone directory by calling the Co-op at 802.223.8000, or use our handy form below to contact us by email. Some frequently used phone extensions are provided here for your convenience:


Kari Bradley, General Manager 

 (802) 262-3219

Kevin O'Donnell, Operations Manager

 (802) 262-3205

Tim Wingate, Finance Manager 

 (802) 262-3221

Jay W. Wisner, Human Resources Manager

 (802) 262-3247

Mary Mullally, Facilities Manager

 (802) 262-3244

Sonia Keene, Front End Manager

 (802) 262-3225

Stephani Kononan, Community Relations & Marketing Manager 

 (802) 262-3217

Krystal Fuller, Member-Owner Services Coordinator

 (802) 262-3202

Leo Ormiston, Grocery Manager

 (802) 262-3256

Pat Luce, Beer and Wine Buyer

 (802) 262-3235

Chef Doug Barg, Prepared Foods Manager

 (802) 262-3232

Bibi Usman, Cheese Buyer

 (802) 262-3236

Robert Kirigin, Produce Manager

 (802) 262-3211

Michael Nadeau, Wellness Buyer

 (802) 262-3226

Laura Furber, Wellness Manager

 (802) 262-3218


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