Customer Question: I am still heart broken over the loss of Angel Salsa.  Is there no substitute?
Co-op Answer: Thank you for reaching out to us.  We have been looking for a substitute and are unable to find one. -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Second request - please do not sell aerosol spray oils.  There are pump spray alternatives and I urge the co-op as an environmentally responsible organization to sell pump oil only. 
A: Thank you for the question.  Spectrum does not use any chlorofluorocarbons to propel the oil out.  While they would not tell me what they use thank claim it is environmentally friendly.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Please bring back the Hail Merry lime tart!

A: Hi, we have them in stock.  They are in the cooler by the bulk department.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: My family and I love the bulk section.  Please, don't ever get rid of it!\
A: We love it too! Thanks for the positive feedback. -Michael, Bulk Buyer
Q: Elderflower flavor tonic water great - please let us buy at bulk sale.
A: Thanks for your suggestion.  At this point in time this product is not popular enough for us to bring it in at Truckload Sale.  If you would like to special order it for 10% discount, let us know at the customer service desk.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Please add elderflower flavor seltzer to the spring large amt sale.
A:  Thank you for your suggestion.  At this point in time this is not popular enough to do in our truckload sale.  It is available by the case for a 10% discount if you special order it.  Let us know at the customer service desk and we will be happy to help.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Could you please carry European Gourmet Bakery's organic lemon cake mix? Thank you.
A: Thank you for your suggestion.  At this point in time this product is not a fast seller so we had to discontinue it.  This is still available for special order if you would like.  Let us know at customer service and we can order it for you.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Bragg sprinkle seasoning.
A: Your request has been added to our customer requests to carry list.  When we look at this set we will consider carrying this.  Thanks. -Chadd, Grocery Buyer

Q: Any baking mix by Simple Mills (almond flour) cake mixes, low sugar.
A: Thank you for the request.  When we add to this set we will consider your request.  Thank you. -Chadd, Grocery Buyer
Q: Can we get compostable vegetable bags in grocery? They have them at whole foods, it is a single use item.
A: Thank you for the request.  We are considering adding this to our store now.  Thanks. -Chadd, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please bring back wax paper bags - clear not brown.  You have then in your bulk section for herbs.  Save the planate! Saves so much plastic wrap, bags, etc.  

A: Thank you for your request, we are currently looking in for some in retail packaging.  We do hope to have them soon. -Leo, Grocery Manager 
Q: Is the Tropical Pepper 3X hot sauce gone for good? Hope not - it was hot enough, simple flavor, but mostly it was affordable.  Tell me it's coming back...

A: Thank you for your question.  We are no longer able to get this product. -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Please carry Barbara's Wheatabix cereal! Also, if I were to special order it, how many would come in a case?
A: Thank you for your request.  At this point in time we are unable to get this product from our distributors. -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Please stock Woodstock frozen Brussel sprouts - this is listed in your flyer! Thanks.
A: Hi, we currently don't have plans on bringing this item in, however, you can special order it if you would like.  Just go to customer service and let us know.  - Leo, Grocery Buyer
Q: Can you stock additional flavors of the Synergy Kombucha Chia? I noticed the other stores are stocking "grape" and "black" chia.  Thanks.
A: We currently don't have plans on adding more flavors as we just made room for more local options.  You can special order this at the customer service desk if you would like.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: Please start carrying "Tom Knows" salsa.  It's the best green salsa and made in VT.  Cannot find in Montpelier. 

A: Hi, while we are not planning on bringing in new salsa anytime soon, we did reach out to the company to see if this is something we can get.  If you have any questions, please call me at 262-3256. -Leo, Grocery Manager
Q: I'd rather buy my horseradish at the coop and not the interwebs.  Seriously, is there a good reason not to sell it?
A: Thank you for reaching out to us.  We do carry this product - it can be found in the cooler by the bulk section.  If you would like help locating it, please let us know.  -Leo, Grocery Manager
Food Services
Q: Could you please get some sushi (fish and non fish).
A: We have been offering it in the grab and go M-F for about two weeks! It's delicious. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Any chance of providing glass/ceramic bowls for the soups?
A: Yes, this will happen in the near future - not solely for soup, but for those that want to eat their meals in bowls! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Sushi bar please. I would appreciate it.
A: We have been offering sushi in the grab and go with regularity on Monday - Friday.  3 different varieties made fresh each day until sold out.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: How about packed on dates on deli meat, etc.
A: That's an easy one.  I believe they are currently labeled with a sell by date which is a clearer way of identifying an expiring item. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Coffee area congestion.
A: Agreed.  We are exploring alternatives with a possible kiosk in the middle of the store...what do you think?  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I've been eating at the hot bar for 20 years and I gotta say it's at it's peak! Good work and thanks!
A: Your kind words are much appreciated and passed on to the entire staff. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: On Sunday, April 2nd the salmon cakes were so delicious and with no bread! Yay! Thanks to the Chef!
A: Thanks! I love that one too! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Jalapeno stuffed olives, plzz.
A: I will see if I can source them for the olive bar. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: How come the deli always runs out of metal forks? Wash more often or buy more...duh.
A: Sounds like a plan, thanks! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager 
Q: Why aren't perishable vegetables and herbs being placed in an inch of water? Parsley, asparagus, etc...
A: Most items sell fast enough that being in water for a short time on our shelves doesn't have a significant effect.  That said, we do sometimes have chard and asparagus in water.  There are pros and cons to trying to keep items in water and the water trays properly maintained.  Thanks.  -Robert, Produce Manager
Q: Mac, Empire, Cortland - apples pls.
A: Sorry, out for the season but they will be back in September.  This was a poor growing season for most orchards.  Thanks. -Robert, Produce Manager
Q: Thank you for making the seeds from High Mowing affordable!
A: We try to regularly put seeds on sale. Thanks. -Robert, Produce Manager 
Q: Things are bar on the shelves.  I am surprised and worried that the coop is so often out of stock of so much.  If something is on sale, stock up, because it is going to sell more.  Common store management.  Also, regular stuff is always running out.  It is so inconsistent that it's a crap shoot coming here with a shopping list!
A: Thank you for sharing your concern.  We certainly don't want to be running out of products for our customers.  I will share your concern with out buyers and managers and we have started tracking the number of missing items. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Crazy Q - are the plastic forks, etc. biodegradable?
A: Unfortunately, no, as our current compost facility does not accept these.  The HMC Green Team is exploring more environmentally friendly options...stay tuned! In the meantime, we do sell reusable bamboo travel utensils. Thanks! -Emma, Customer Service Rep
Q: Used the electric charging station for the first time today.  Thanks so much for installing it.
A: You are welcome, George. Thank you for your patience.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: Wonderful customer service on the floor and at registers.  Several times have asked for help in grocery last few months, and persons have gone above and beyond.  Thank you! Very appreciated. Good help is gold, treat them well!
A: Thank you for the feedback.  I am glad you feel that way. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Further thoughts on the discounts.  I think keeping this discounts for food only is a good option.  That's what's really essential for those on a budget. 
A: Thank you - limiting the member discounts to certain types of products is an idea being considered.  Reminder: our current summarizing round one of conversations is posted online and our community is working on a draft recommendation.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: Glyphosate is used on grains and bean crops to promote pre-harvest drying (desiccation) does HMC track this?

A: We do not track glyphosate application in any stage of production.  If this is a strong concern for you, I recommend certified organic products since the organic standards disallow all synthetic herbicides. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Housing For Sale/Rent book is very outdated.  Can this be checked monthly at least?
A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We have cleared out the old flyers! Thanks! -Emma, Customer Service Rep