Q: Suggest you carry the ancient grain Freekeh (like a wheat).
A: Thank you for the suggestion.  Unfortunately none of my current vendors carry Freekeh at this time.  Hopefully this is a product we can provide sometime in the future. -Terry, Bulk Buyer
Food Services

Q: Thank you for the new sushi in the to-go section, however, as someone who is allergic to avocado, I have been unable to enjoy it! Please consider adding a roll without avocado.
A: At this time there are no plans to introduce another flavor.  On Mondays, starting June 5th, there will also be an outside vendor offering sushi and some will not have avocado. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please respond to my question about non-avocado sushi. C'mon.
A: There are no plans to offer another variety of sushi at this time.  However, on Mondays starting June 5th an outside vendor will be offering some without avocado. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please please please add avocado free sushi roll to the collection.
A: I don't have any plans to add another variety.  If we did, though, what kind would you prefer? Please stop by and tell me. Also, starting June 5th, VT Sushi Co. will be offering some without avocado.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Thank you for the sushi! Please keep it!
A: You bet! I buy some nearly every day after I roll it! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Noodle bowls served at the deli on Earth Day was the best!
A: Thanks! One of my favorites, too! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please consider offering fresh smoothies to order.  The kitchen does a wonderful job.  I would love to have a smoothie option. (Loving the sushi, will there be a raw fish option?)
A: Thanks for the kind words.  There will not be a raw fish option for our sushi for safety reasons. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please make your seaweed salad out of something other than Kombu! Kombu is emphatically not meant for eating, only for seasoning and softening.  It is really, really gross.  Arame, hijiki, and every wakame can be used for seaweed salad.
A: This is actually an item made by Macro-Vegetarian Foods.  They also make the dumplings and kale pesto noodles as well.  I am sorry it is not to your liking. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please put plastic bags back by bakery - so when I (often) buy in bulk - I wont use up wax bags. (And by bagels and pretzels).
A: Will do. Thanks. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: At noon on Mother's Day food was great, but there was only one plate available.  I told a person making sandwiches, but it took abut ten minutes for plates to come out.
A: Thank you for your comment.  This certainly is not the kind of experience we want you to have and it is not indicative of what you should expect.  Please know that this will help to reinforce our ongoing training. Thanks. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: 5/14 Sunday - GF muffins were killer! Super fruity with sugar on top! Complements to the baker.
A: Complements passed on, thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you enjoyed them.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: I would like to see more chicken and rice soup made at the co-op.  It is excellent. 
A: Thanks for the comment.  We make these when we can and are always delighted with how well they are received.  They will keep on coming! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Thank you so much for the sushi and special spice - I love it.  Could you make the Rainbow Maki?
A: So glad you enjoy it.  Please come by and tell me more about a rainbow roll as I am not familiar with it. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Sushi :)
A: Hahahaha. Nice - me too. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Is it possible to get smaller "eco-containers"? Half the size would still be normal!
A: Good question.  This has been asked before.  We will keep you posted on this. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Premade kale salads have been out the last two times I've come (Thurs.).  Please stock more, thank you.
A: I'm sorry we haven't had this available for you on Thursdays.  We will do our best to keep up with demand. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Why isn't the tea station self-serve? It makes lots of extra work for busy deli staff, plus can be a long wait for a very straight forward product. 
A: This is going to start a discussion among the group to see if this is something we can do. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager 
Q: Non disposable soup bowls?
A: I anticipate having these in the next few weeks. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I miss the lemon-tahini dressing.  It was a good option as a "sauce" for hot food as well.  Please consider bringing it back.
A: The ginger miso-tahini is our replacement for this.  At this time there are no plans to bring it back but it can always be special ordered for you to take home.

Q: Please get a better soup variety instead of all the pho type soups.
A: Thanks for the feedback.  I am not certain what you mean by pho type soups.  Are you looking for more hearty soups? We try to have a good mix daily of vegan, gf, meat and dairy soups. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Himalaya toothpaste new flavors: cinn. and spearmint. 

A: Thank you for your suggestion! We will be bringing this in. -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: Small chair for looking at nutritional information in supplement department on computer there. 
A: Because of space constraints we are not able to add a chair to that area.  You may request on from staff as needed.  We have a stool behind the wellness counter.  -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: 7th gen tampon reg. with applicator, please!
A: Thanks for suggesting this product.  We plan to bring it in.  -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: Please carry pea protein
A: Great suggestion.  We are looking to bring in pea protein this month. -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: Please get Green Mountain CBD products.
A: We recently brought in Green Mountain CBD. Please ask any wellness staff for assistance in locating the products. -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: Why is "Flourish" shampoo made in VT and yet sold for 4X+ more retail price than Everyday Shea Shampoo, which is shipped clear across the continent from Olympia, WA? Hm... Not passing the "sniff test".  Thank you.
A: Thank you for your comment.  The prices for these products reflect out costs.  Flourish is a smaller local company and our cost is higher.  Everyday Shea is a national brand supported by our  National Co-op Group and our costs are lower.  Please let me know if you would like to discuss this further.  -Laura, Wellness Manager
Q: The eating space in the back by the deli is very hard to get a table, especially when numerous people are holding their space with their computers--working with stuff spread on the table so you can't even share.  Solution: turn off WiFi from 11 am to 1:30 pm, then people can eat.

A: I understand the frustration, but I believe turning off the WiFi will lead to other sorts of problems.  We can discuss signage and other types of solutions, but you can always ask a staff member to address a customer if you are not comfortable.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: I work across from the Lebanon Co-op in New Hampshire.  They have a pop-up button at check out so it reminds you (or you can ask) if you want to "round up" or not.  This takes pressure off the cashier (it can be awkward).  They have raised a lot of money for worthy causes...please consider.

A: Unfortunately, we do not have that option given our point of sale system.  We can offer to members to sign up to always round up and avoid the ask.  We are thinking about offering this option in the coming months. -Kari, General Manager
Q: The number of people who don't even buy anything edible who never the less sit at a table in the eating area is on the increase.  3 tables taken and nobody who wants to say anything.
A: Please ask a co-op employee and we can address it.  Table space is a limited resource for the co-op so we need to all be understanding of the need to share.  Thank you. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Once again I came in for dinner ingredients and couldn't even get a whole chicken.  When you are out of food all the time people shop elsewhere, no wonder sales are slumping!
A: Our apologies for he inconvenience.  This is not ok.  It may be time to add a line of chicken if our current provider is not enough.  Bear with us as we figure out a better strategy for maintaining constant supply of chicken.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: Keep the senior discount! 
A: Thanks for the input. Our committee is planning a second round of conversation with members and employees for later this month.  I hope you can join us.  The summary report for round one is posted to our website - -Kari, General Manager
Q: How about putting a sign next to the charging station "only for charging cars".
A: We have put up signage that indicates just that. Thanks for the suggestion. -Mary, Facilities Manager
Q: It would be helpful to have another choice of hand soap in the restrooms - I am allergic to lavender (although it does smell lovely).
A: Oh I agree!  We will address that right away. Thanks! -Mary, Facilities Manager
Q: Would it be possible to show the original price on the sale tags? So that we can see how much we're really saving.  An employee showed me that if you lift the sales tag you can see the original price, but that's not very obvious.  Also, great customer service!
A: Good question. It is possible, but given the limited space, we have opted to include the savings, thinking that is also valuable info so you can add that to get the original price.  We also must include original unit pricing, which would require even more space.  Thanks. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Seems lately there are more price discrepancies between the register and the shelf.  Need some QC. 
A: Thanks you got the feedback and my apologies.  We have a system for auditing our prices and recently received a perfect score when tested by the state.  But clearly, if you are experiencing discrepancies, we need to do better. -Kari, General Manager
Q: I Love the Co-op.
A: Thank you! -Kari, General Manager

Q: I miss the wine cooler!
A: My apologies, due to an ongoing need for repairs, we have decided to retire the wine chiller.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  -Mary, Facilities Manager
Q: Please provide a chair for customers so if we are easing a backache we can sit down - When you have organizations taking up the space, there is nowhere to sit!
A: Thank you for your suggestion! If at any point on your visit to the co-op you need to sit, just let one of our staff members know and they will bring you a chair.  We are happy to help! Thanks. -Mary, Facilities Manager
Q: I would appreciate if cashiers would be more friendly and say "thank you".  More customer service training, please?
A: We apologize for any less-than-friendly experience you have had at the register.  We certainly strive to provide the very best customer service at all times.  It would be helpful to us if you could contact Sonia Keene, our Front End Manager, and provide some more details about your checkout experience.  802-262-3225 or  Thank you! -Alison, Asst. Front End Manager
Q: I think the cashiers should be allowed to sit while working.
A: Thanks for your feedback! The checker stands we use at the front end are designed to be standing work stations.  Ergonomically, it is better for cashiers to ring through and pack and order from a standing position, as the range of motion required is very difficult to achieve while seated.  Not to worry, though! Cashiers have a repertoire of stretches and exercises to minimize fatigue due to standing and top-of-the-line, industrial strength mats to provide cushioning.  There are also plenty of off-register tasks to attend to, a bench to sit on during slow times, the café register to rotate to (which does have a chair), and regular, scheduled breaks to ensure that no one is standing in one place for an excessive amount of time.  -Allison, Asst. Front End Manager 
Q: On the Earth Day "Green Up" sign in entry - bring your own bag and a jar for bulk products (zero waste) - was absent.  When visiting the Brat Coop I observed that bulk is at entrance with big signs explaining use.  Something to consider. 

A: Thank you for pointing out another way to be green at the Co-op! We will make sure to add that in the future. -Stephani, Community Relations Manager
Q: Start charging for bags - paper, bulk section, etc.  "Environmental Surcharge ...$.20". Set an example for all of Montpelier.  Thanks.
A: Thank you. We have considered this but for now we are reluctant to be the only store in the area charging for bags, especially given the high prices are customers' primary concern shopping at the co-op.  We are/have been supportive of statewide legislation to this effect.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: Please develop a family membership plan!
A: Back in 2007 we spent most of a year talking with members before ruling out a family membership.  We continue to field many such requests, though, so it may be time to revisit the topic.  This would require a change to co-op bylaws.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: Please explain why those with children need special parking.  No other place foes this.  It is bizarre and not cool. Kids are a choice.  Why are those with kids in need of special parking?
A: The primary reason is safety.  Our parking lot is tight and we have a large number of children visit every day.  We reserve spots for families to shorten their trip door-to-door. -Kari, General Manager
Q: I have waited until I turned 65 to give this feedback - parking for 65+ makes no sense.  Parking for mobility impairments would. 
A: I see your point.  I think we have used age as a proxy for mobility issues similar to how we have used age as a proxy for economic need with our senior discount.  I will add this to out list of considerations when we do our semi-annual parking space review. -Kari, General Manager