Customer Question: Could you please bring back Vicky Days current jam from Vermont.  Thank you.
Co-op Answer: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this product was a very slow seller and we had to discontinue it.  I will see if we continue to receive requests for it and consider bringing it back in the future.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Will you be ordering more Tulsi Tea (not the green tea blend) from Zach Woods?
A: Thank you for your input.  We will definitely be ordering more product as soon as it becomes available.  The farm is currently harvesting and drying product, but we will have it back on our shelves as soon as it's ready!  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Still no Tom Knows Salsa! It's the best green salsa made in VT.  Cannot find in Montpelier.  Please carry.
A: Thank you for your input! Currently, none of our larger distributors carry this product.  We are checking with our smaller distributors and if we can find it, would be happy to bring it in.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: I think maybe you folks carried Chem-X coffee filters - would love to see them either way.
A: Thank you for you for your input! I do not know any of our distributors who carry this product at this time.  I will ask some of the smaller distributors and try to determine if this product is a good fit.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Could you please bring back Flackers organic flax seed crackers in savory flavor.  They're made by Doctor in the Kitchen. Thank you.
A: Thank you for your input! We will bring in this product next week.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please bring back Michaelangelo's vegetable lasagna and/or chicken parmesan.
A: Thank you for your input! We do still carry both of these products.  I have asked our frozen buyer to make sure they are on the shelf.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Sponges.  What happened to sponges!
A: Thank you for your input! Sponges are located in our cleaning section on the top shelf.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: You are out of Switchel again!
A: Thank you for your input! I am sorry we did not have this product in stock for you.  I will ask the buyer to order more in the future.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please stock Bionaturae organic Durum Semolina Spaghetti.  We are unable to eat the wheat brand you stock. 
A: Thank you for your input! We will bring this product in on our next order.  In the meantime, we do carry the semolina capellini similar to the spaghetti.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Brand: La Chimata, Type: Hot smoke flavor.  Can we carry this? If not what can we do?
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, at this time our distributor does not carry this flavor.  If they carry it in the future, we will consider bringing it in.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: I love that Roma Balsamic Vinegar!
A: Thank you for your input! What a wonderful thing to say, thank you for your positivity.  It's always good to know which products inspire people.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please get regular tonic water (not just super pricey Fever Tree), thanks!
A: Thank you for your input.  We will look into other, less expensive tonic waters that work with our clean ingredients list.  We do carry the much less expensive Zevia Tonic water.  We can also special order other tonic waters for you and you will receive 10% off.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Can we start carrying Rebbl drinks such as Reishi Chocolate Coconut Milk or Golden Turmeric Coconut?
A: Thank you for your input! Space in our grab and go beverage cooler is very tight, but as a fellow fan or this line, I will try and find space and see if it is possible to bring in this product.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Can you please stop discontinuing random items? Confusing!
A: Thank you for your input! We try to be considerate of which products we discontinue.  For the most part, we will only discontinue products with a 6 month record of slow sales or that contain "unclean" ingredients.  Other reasons for discontinuing are because our distributors or producers have stopped carrying or making these items.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please! Shelled edamame. 
A: Thank you for your input! While we do carry shelled edamame, it has been out of stock with our distributor.  We are looking into other options, but hopefully this product comes back into stock soon.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: What happened to the amazing corn chips you had for awhile? Don't remember brand name, but varieties included churro/cinnamon). 
A: Thank you for your input! I believe you are referring to the Mi Nina brand chips.  Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the cinnamon chips due to slow sales.  We do carry the classic flavor in this brand still.  If we receive more requests for this product, we will consider bringing it back.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Could you please carry Westbrae organic fava beans in a can?
A: Thank you for your input! We will bring in this product - it seems like a good fit for that section.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Better Life - do you carry a window cleaner? Thank you.
A: Thank you for your question! We do carry "I can see clearly wow" from Better Life.  It is found in the cleaning aisle by the front.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Forager brand date sweetened chocolate cashew milk is really good.  Can we carry it? 
A: Thank you for your input! There is currently very little room for new product in the refrigerated cooler, but we will consider this if room opens up.  You may special order this product and receive a 10% discount.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q:Please carry Three Sisters ice cream sandwich.
A: Thank you for your input! I am currently looking to expand our novelty ice cream selection, and will consider this product for that selection.  In the meantime you may special order this and receive a 10% discount.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Hi, wondering if you might consider getting BOCA spicy chicken patties (they are meatless and vegan).  You already sell Boca Vegan Burgers.  I am vegan and would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
A: Thank you for your input! Our freezers have very limited space but I will discuss this with the frozen buyer and continue to listen to customer requests.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: In gluten free granola area, put ingredient list down on lid, hard to read where it is.
A: This was on my list of "to dos". Done. -Terry, Bulk Buyer
Q: Any chance of stocking Rise Kombucha? Or Reeds?
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, neither of these products are available through our distribution warehouse.  I will keep an eye out if they become available in the future.  We do have a wonderful array of local Kombucha products in stock.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Just leaned about local veggie burgers.  How come they are so high on the shelf.  Why not lower them to eye level. 
A: Thank you for your input!  We are very limited on space in our freezers and coolers and products often just end up where we can make space for them. When we reset a section, we can try to make local products a center focus on a shelf and I will definitely keep this in mind
Q: Please get unsweetened Califa Coconut Almond Creamer called Haff Half.
A: Thank you for you input! Unfortunately this product is not available from our distributor at this time.  I will keep an eye out for this product in the future to see if we can bring it in. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Why did you discontinue the packets of Coconut H20? Please, please, please re-order! I need it. 
Q: Bring back coconut electrolyte powder!
Q: Please restock the coconut H2O electrolyte packets (Powdered) please!!          
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this product was discontinued by our distributor.  I will try to find a second distributor who may carry it.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Could you please carry Catamount Specialties of Vermont salsas? Thank you.
A: Thank you for your input! We have contacted our distributor for these salsas and if it is possible, we will bring them in!
 -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Can you please carry Rx Bar (protein bar)? Maple variety is the best!
A: Thank you for your input! We will be bringing this product in by August.
 -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please bring back the unsweetened rice crispy like cereal!
A: Thank you for your input.  I am unsure which brand you are looking for, but we do carry the unsweetened puff rice from Nature's Path in the eco-pak bags.  Please let us know if it is every out of stock for you!
 -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: When is the Vermochi special spice going to be back in stock? My friends and I can't get enough of it!
Q: I went looking for Vermochi special price and there is non left. Could you order more?
A: Thank you for you input! It seems our ordering of Vermochi has fallen through the cracks, so thank you for making us aware of it.  I have made all of our buyers aware of the issue and we plan on having the product in this month. 
 -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Bring in King Soba noodles.
A: Thank you for your input! These noodles are my favorite and I have plans to bring them in for September.  I'm glad you like them, too.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q:  Please bring back the Zevia Tonic ( I think it has a new label).
A: Thank you for your input.  It may have changed order numbers on us without our knowledge, but I will order it today.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Please consider carrying French Butter Cookies with Coconut (5 stay fresh packs) by Pierre Biscuiterie. 
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, these are not available through our distribution warehouse at this time.  I will put in a request to see if we can change that.   -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: An aisle of candy!
A: Thank you for your input! I completely agree, especially if we could have a whole shelf of caramel! But we have to be fair to every kind of food, even the healthy ones, and save some space in the store for them.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer
Q: Bring back coconut electrolyte powder!
Q: Why are the Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits always gone? Please keep them so I can give them to my dog who loves them!
A: Thank you for your input.  I have let the buyer know that we should increase the order of this product in the future.  Hopefully this
Q: How can I determine which is more economical: I am frustrated by the way bulk oils are priced by the pound, when packaged oils are priced by volume, right? Or are the ounces a measure of weight not volume?
A: We understand your frustration.  You are correct, packaged (bottled) liquids are priced per quart vs bulk liquids being priced per pound.  We are required by law to sell our liquids by the pound in order to be accurate.  We do provide a reference guide that is posted on the right side of bulk shelving (liquid) unit.  This chart gives the price per pound on all our bulk liquids. -Terry, Bulk Buyer
Prepared Foods
Q: If possible: make mac and cheese for hot bar without cream and milk.  People who are lactose intolerant can eat cheddar cheese.  
A: People are very attached to the mac and cheese as it is.  I don't plan on tinkering with it.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: What will the health dept. think of all the food in the "hot" bar being chilly?
A: We do daily temperature checks of our bar to ensure that the food meets holding temp health regulations.  The challenge is, and I experience it as a customer too, is that once the food is on a room temp plate, and the room is air conditioned and cool, and exposed to the A/C while waiting in line, it usually isn't warm anymore. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: More variety deli bar.  Grilled asparagus and risotto cakes were good!  When can't do corn, wheat or soy (or beans!) it's not much choice. 
A: Thank you for the suggestion.  Yes, those are very good.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please put a "co-op" tape dispenser in deli section - for those of us who like to "take out" deli food from center aisle. 
A: I am not fully understanding what you are wanting to do.  Can you stop by and see Karlyn or myself so we can better understand it and assist with making this happen? -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Make and sell fruit salad.  Hannaford's does it and they sell.
A: Now that the melons are more in season, they are available in the grab and go.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Meatballs and pasta - excellent.  Keep up the good work.
A: Thanks for the complements, those meatballs are among my favorites.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please consider offering fresh smoothies to order.  The kitchen does such a wonderful job.  I would love to have a smoothie option.  (Loving the sushi, will there be a raw fish option?)
A: Thanks for the kind words.  These will not be a raw fish option for our sushi for food safety reasons.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Green beans in the buffet tasted slightly musky at lunch. (Everything else A+).
A: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I remember speaking to you about this.   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q:Please put "packed on" date, rather than "sell by" date on deli meats.
A: Our sell by date is always 6 days from being packed, so it is possible to know that using our current system.  We do a sell by with all deli products so we know when to pull them if they aren't selling.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I noticed the chopped liver wasn't selling.  Please make the chicken liver pate and it will be a hit!
A: There are a few people who swear by it and plan their shopping around it.  It is definitely an acquired taste even among liver fans, we might at a pate to the mix, too, though.   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: The deli made pate is not good.
A: You are right - it is a louse pate but pretty good chopped liver - two very different experiences with different expectations.  I'm sorry you didn't care for it, but I thank you for trying.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Snails on deli bar!
A: As in you saw some in the salad greens or you want some escargot with garlic butter?  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Mad River Grain for sandwiches instead of Cyrus!
A: The mad river grain is my favorite of all their breads, too, though the Cyrus is more universally appealing.   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please make more of Elizabeth's recipes to sell in the deli - her spinach salad is delicious!
A: Sounds like a great idea.  I had some too and it was fantastic!  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Pretty please more raw kale salad.  It's always gone when I get here!
A: One of our most popular salads.  We are working on changing some of our processes so it can be fully stocked with certainty.   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Please bring deli area back some small tables, please!
A: Great idea.  There is some chatter about making a bar against the window.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: How come there are never any beet salads in the café? We love it and can't buy it!
A: We do sell one in the grab and go but can barely keep up with that to have extra for the salad bar! Keep an eye on the grab and go shelf as it is nearly always available.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Love the café and real dishes - but hard to sort - clearer labels about what goes where? Sorry to be confused.
A: Thanks for the feedback.  We will review all of our signage to ensure clarity.   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I love pickles. 
A: Yeah pickles! We are experimenting now making ferment 1/2 sour pickles in our kitchen - lots of good probiotics!   -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Great thanks for the reusable glasses in the café area!
A: Our pleasure! Thanks for appreciating it. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I am really sick of the hot bar food.  It has been the same for two years. Be more creative.
A: I am sorry to hear we have not been meeting your hot bar needs for the past two years.  If you have any specific requests or suggestions I would welcome them.  Please stop by and say help and share your ideas. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Could you serve the "Philadelphia Roll" as a sushi? It is salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber.  Thank you!
A: We could probably figure something out.  Give me a call or email and we can see how to accomplish this as a special order.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: I'm curious about why you don't have salt and pepper shakers in the deli.
A: Ah, we do, they often need to be replaced as they tend to disappear - either in trash or just taken and we can do better with keeping up with replacing them.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Stop being rude and consider the comment about the seaweed salad being gross. 
Q: The wakame seaweed salad smells and tastes like low tide. It is slimy and gross and you should consider using something different.  
A: It isn't my favorite either and definitely not what you would expect if you are desiring the kind you get from a Japanese restaurant.  Those are filled with food dye (yellow and blue) and sugar and not something we serve here.  Some people really enjoy it and appreciate that we care a nature version like this.  I am exploring making our own with a different flavor profile -- more like what you are expecting, but as of yet it is cost prohibitive (about $3 per oz, our cost!) --the one we used to sell here was improperly priced and lost money on each sale.  -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: Big love to your sandwich making crew.  They are awesomely friendly and stuff, plus make delicious wraps.
A: Yeah they are! The words were passed on and appreciated. Thanks. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager
Q: The parking lot is a mess! There are often times when just "reserved" spots and none other!
A: I am sorry this is an inconvenience.   We have long chosen to reserve a few spots for seniors and children, primarily for safety reasons.  I feel like our adjustments have reduced the number of issues but we do review the allocations at least annually.  We appreciate the feedback.  Thanks. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Please keep the senior discount.  That is what got me started shopping at the co-op.  I doubt I would have come otherwise. 
A: Thank you.  We are wrapping up the second round of input on this topic.  You may have seen that the draft recommendation is to grandfather those who turn 65 by next July and end the senior discount thereafter. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Please provide Wi-Fi access point for members. Thank you!
A: We do provide Wi-Fi access; "Hunger Mountain Coop" and the password is "memberowned".  We do not have the ability to limit this to members if that is what you are requesting. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Most important: upstairs staff should talk to/listen to downstairs staff.
A: I agree.  We have many ways for all employees to provide input.  It is at times difficult to meet everyone's expectations. -Kari, General Manager
Q: Can you please make the floor plan make sense - like putting all your drink coolers together! I only found it after I had checked out.
A: Thank you, very constructive feedback.  We are always trying to make it easier and more efficient.  On a side note, you can always enquire with our folks on the sales floor, they are very good at helping our customers. -Kevin, Operations Manager
Q: Good morning.  I love going to the coop for a meal and/or visit with a friend.  What makes the occasion less pleasant is the banging of dishes in the bins.  More mindfulness would be appreciated, both from staff and customers (recognizing the latter being more of a challenge). 
A: Thanks, hopefully folks will read this and it will get some traction.  And I will follow up with the staff.  -Kevin, Operations Manager
Q: Please add 2 more, at least, more tables to the café (that were removed), seating is almost always full.
A: The tables were moved to the front of the store and with the addition of the patio we have more seating in the warmer months.  Sharing tables is communal and sometimes engaging. -Kevin, Operations Manager
Q: Is there nothing that coop is willing to do with people who take a table with no good in front of them? A woman who may have had a coffee, first sitting down [at the] remaining at the table while I found a table I could share.  I finished my lunch and she was still there when I left, writing in a small pad.   
A: It is a difficult and tricky line we walk, we can never have enough seating and at times this is very evident.  I do think it's appropriate to ask folks if you can join them and share a table.  -Kevin, Operations Manager
Q: I was wondering if you would consider having live music on the deck in the summer? I play steel drum with a guitarist and I think it would be great out there.
A: Thank you so much for your suggestion about music on the deck in the summer time.  Do you have a CD or MP3s you can share with us so we can hear a sample of your music? We will look into this request and get back to you soon. -Krystal, Assistant CR Manager
Q: I notice you allow staff pick on a product - how about customer review? Thanks.
A: Thank you for your comment and suggestion about having "customer pick" signs on our products.  We do have a "we love this item" tag we put on products customers have told us they love during the month of February.  But we will also send your suggestion to our promotions team as an idea for future planning throughout the year.  -Krystal, Assistant CR Manager
Q: Protesting at the co-op "hurts my ears" and disturbs my peace of mind.  Could you please schedule these after business hours?
A: My apologies for the discomfort this caused.  The co-op and our employee union are bargaining our labor contract.  On June 19, some employees stood on the bike path to speak out in support of their bargaining team.  As long as they do not interfere with business, employees have the right to express themselves this way.  -Kari, General Manager
Q: It would be nice to have a display of how much money was raised for the participants of give change.
A: We agree! We are in the process of creating a "give change" board that will show the monthly partner total, along with the overall total.  Stay tuned and thank you for your comment.  All my best. -Stephani, Community Relations Manager