The Co-op council created the Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund (HMCCF) in 2005 as a charitable giving program. HMCCF provides financial support to businesses, organizations and initiatives aligned with our mission. Past grants have supported local businesses in need of start-up capital, construction of key infrastructure projects like community kitchens, and local activism on food-related issues in central Vermont. 

Thanks to generous donations from our member-owners and our partnerships with Twin Pines Cooperative Community Fund and the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, our community fund has continued to grow steadily. In 2016, the total of Cooperative Community Fund grants awarded reached $9,412. Below is a list of the 2016 recipients, how much they received for a grant, and the projects they are working on: 
 Applicant                                        Award        Project
 Another Way                                    $2000          Healthy Initiative Kitchen renovation
 Vermont Foodbank                            $2000          Veggie Van Go in Barre
 Bethany Church                                 $1637          Ware washing operation upgrade
 Calais Agriculture Committee             $500            Edible landscaping for public lands
 Central VT Council on Aging              $2000          Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging
 Barre Senior Center                           $275           Eating Well For Less
 Food Justice Program of Highgate        $1000         Good Food, Good Medicine program 
The 2017 grant application process has closed. We will be looking for new grant applications in August 2018. 

Check out some of our grant recipients accomplishments here!