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At Hunger Mountain Co-op we do not require our member-owners to work in order to receive the benefits of member-ownership, but participating in our member-owner labor program is a great way to learn more about your Co-op, provide a meaningful service to your co-op and community, and earn a discount! Are you interested in becoming more involved with your Co-op? We are looking for member-owners to help with various volunteer opportunities at the Co-op and also with community partners. See the complete list below. All shifts will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


Outreach Volunteers

Outreach volunteers help the Co-op meet our mission of building dynamic communities of healthy individuals by volunteering on our behalf in the local community. Members will receive two weeks of a six percent shopping discount for every hour volunteered.


Support Volunteers

Support volunteers help support projects and events at the Co-op. Members will receive two weeks of a six percent shopping discount for every hour volunteered.


Core Worker Positions

We will start recruiting for the October 2017 – April 2018 term in early August.


Core workers are member-owners who work two hours per week for a six month term. At the end of the six-month term, the positions become available to member-owners who have not participated in the program before. Members will receive a minimum-wage paycheck and a six percent shopping discount for the six-month term. Core jobs include bagel stocking, bagging, and cheese cutting.


Each position is scheduled at specific days and times of the week and training is provided. Core Workers must attend an orientation scheduled in September. Space is limited.


For more information or to sign up for a support volunteer or core worker opportunity, click here. If you are currently receiving a work optional, senior, Co-op Cares or council discount you will continue to receive that discount only. If you are currently receiving a member labor discount, your end date for the 6% discount will be extended based on the additional hours you work.



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